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SPEVI's Involvement Contributing to Revoking of Change Proposal Victoria Department of Education

SPEVI is proud to announce that the joint effort of the Committee of Management and members of our association with many others has played an important role in the decision by the Department of Education in Victoria to reconsider the proposed changes to the workforce and roles of Visiting Teachers in Victoria. We want to sincerely thank the enormous number of passionate parents and teachers, the Union, and our partner organisations such as Blind Citizens Australia and the National Association of Australian Teachers of the Deaf (NAATD) for their invaluable support. Together we celebrate the success of #SeeUsHearUs!
Click here for an overview of SPEVI's actions and activities on behalf of our members and students during this campaign.

It is in times like these that the strength and power of SPEVI in its role as independent representative and advocate for all our members comes to the fore.
Additionally, SPEVI Members benefit from reduced registration fees for the SPEVI Conference, receive the renowned JSPEVI Journal, and can enjoy SPEVI sponsored Professional Development (see below).

SPEVI members only: discounted Professional Development events

If you are not a current member of SPEVI Inc., please join now and immediately benefit from the below member discounts for NextSense Continuing Professional Education (CPE) events and Statewide Vision Resource Centre (SVRC, Victoria) professional learning (PL) events in 2023.

With thanks to NextSense and SVRC for supporting SPEVI’s aim of encouraging the highest standards in the educators of persons with vision impairment by promoting research and professional training for general and specialist teachers.

Member discounts for NextSense Continuing Professional Education

SPEVI Inc (Australia) continues to offer member discounts for NextSense Institute's Continuing Professional Education (CPE) events in 2023. Each SPEVI Inc. member is entitled to five discount event registrations for NextSense.

Members can register by visiting the NextSense Professional Development website
We recommend you to book early, as the SPEVI Inc. Committee of Management has set an upper limit of funds for the discount event registrations.

Please contact Trudy Smith, Manager of NextSense Institute CPE program, if you have any questions –

Member discounts for SVRC’s professional learning (PL) events

SPEVI Inc. (Australia) and Statewide Vision Resource Centre (SVRC, Victoria) are partnering to offer SPEVI Inc members a 50% discount on the registration costs of five of the ten SVRC’s professional learning (PL) events in 2023.
This offer is for members of SPEVI Inc. only, and is limited to 5 events per member per year. The registration cost for most events is around $33.00 ('Teaching and Learning with braille music' workshop: $55).

For details about the events, please review the SVRC Professional Learning calendar on the SVRC website - Upcoming Events — Statewide Vision Resource Centre (

SVRC uses Eventbrite for their professional learning registrations.
If you are a current SPEVI Inc. member and want to benefit from this offer, please contact the SPEVI Secretary to request a promo code to register at the 50% reduced fee through Eventbrite.

If you have any queries regarding the registration process or the SVRC events, please email

SPEVI 2023 Conference Papers on the website

Video recordings, papers, handouts and posters from the online SPEVI 2023 conference are now available in the SPEVI Conference Paper repository! Hosted by SPEVI NZ, the 2023 Conference, with the theme 'Cultivating New Futures Together: Growth for Life', offered incredible keynote and plenary presentations from Martine Abel-Williamson, Professor Cay Holbrook, Dr Lisa Hamm, Professor John Ravenscroft, Dr Joanne Mosen and Lee Kumatat, as well as a large number of paper, poster and panel presentations by expert professionals in the field of Special Education (Vision Impairment) from around the globe.
View and/or download for free. Many thanks to the conference organisers, presenters, sponsors and registered delegates for making it all possible.
Meanwhile, preparations for the 2025 SPEVI Conference are in full swing!

Free download: JSPEVI Journal, Vol 15, 1, 2022

The latest Volume of the Journal of South Pacific Educators in Vision Impairment is available for free download from the JSPEVI webpage. Read great contributions from leaders in the field, project reports and other SPEVI News. Many thanks to all contributors, and congratulations to Convening Editor Dr Bronwen Scott.


The South Pacific Educators in Vision Impairment (SPEVI) is the major professional association for educators of students with vision impairments in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific region. SPEVI acts as the professional body in matters pertaining to the education and support of persons who are blind, have low vision, deaf-blindness, or additional disabilities.

SPEVI membership is open to professionals and parents/caregivers supporting children and adults with vision impairment, including general teachers and specialist teachers (vision impairment), allied health professionals, orientation mobility specialists and assistive technology consultants.

SPEVI is a dynamic organisation, actively working for its members. It is registered as an incorporated organisation in Australia (Registration Number INC9889733) and New Zealand.

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