SPEVI Members’ Projects

SPEVI is an association of, and for, its members. The SPEVI Committee of Management invites members to consider submitting proposals for projects, activities, or events that support SPEVI’s Mission and Aims, and for which a funding contribution from SPEVI is sought.

Members should use the below from to submit a project proposal. Additional relevant information should accompany the project application.
Please use the SPEVI Project Proposal Submission Form and email this to the email address provided in the form.

In May 2019, the Committee of Management approved the provision of grants to SPEVI members for two projects that are aligned with and promote SPEVI’s Mission and Aims.

  • Creation of an Open Source Google Drive that will store the presentations and papers of previous and future SPEVI Conferences. It is anticipated that the papers and presentations for the 2013, 2015 and 2017 conferences will be available on the Google Drive via the SPEVI website in the coming months.
  • Publication of a booklet by Emma-Mae Schmidt, entitled ‘The Blind Girl's Guide to Puberty’. SPEVI’s contribution includes assisting Emma-Mae to create the front cover, organising the booklet’s ISBN, checking the accessibility of content, and posting the booklet on the SPEVI website for easy download. The booklet is available in a Word and PDF format from the page with educational resources.

We extend our thanks to Lena Karam of RIDBC Renwick Centre for undertaking the work required to complete these projects.