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Vision, Mission, Aims

SPEVI Vision

To promote educational systems in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific in which diversity is valued and disability is not viewed as a characteristic by which to judge a person’s worth.

SPEVI Mission

To stimulate professional and public debate and action on vision impairment issues and change which affect, or have the potential to affect the daily lives of persons who are vision impaired, while emphasising concepts of inclusive, responsive educational communities and interdependence between learners and families within those communities where all people are valued.


  • To be recognised as the professional body of educators whose speciality is in matters pertaining to the education of persons with vision impairment in Australia, New Zealand, and Pacific Island Countries.
  • To advocate on behalf of members, persons with vision impairment and parents/carers for equitable education access and participation, in accordance with international and national disability anti-discrimination legislation.
  • To encourage the highest standards in the educators of persons with vision impairment by promoting research and professional training for general and specialist teachers.
  • To promote and facilitate the interchange of information and collaboration among educators, professionals, parent groups and the broader community concerning education and equal opportunity for persons with vision impairment.
  • To encourage the use of appropriate mainstream and assistive technologies, resources and optical and non-optical aids, in the education of persons with vision impairment, and to promote teacher education programs in the use and care of existing and new techniques and technology.

SPEVI Inc. Strategic Plan

We are pleased to advise members of the development of a Strategic Plan for 2020-2024. Development of the Plan was undertaken through virtual meetings of the SPEVI Inc Committee of Management, culminating in a special COM meeting on 7th August 2020, and COM approval in October 2020. The strategic plan addresses SPEVI’s Mission and five key aims. Download the Strategic plan here:
SPEVI Inc Strategic Plan, Aug 2020 to Aug 2024