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The South Pacific Educators in Vision Impairment (SPEVI) generally hosts a conference every two years in one of Australia’s states or territories, or in New Zealand. The SPEVI conferences offer Australian, New Zealand, Pacific Island and international leaders, professionals and parents/carers the opportunity to share information and ideas about current and emerging services, programs, technologies and resources for children and adults who are blind, have low vision, deaf-blindness, or additional disabilities.

Search Papers presented at Past SPEVI Conferences

SPEVI has created a repository of conference papers and presentations from past conferences (with permission of presenters). This repository enables you to search for specific topics or authors.

2021 SPEVI Conference

In 2021, SPEVI hosted its first virtual conference due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the potential health risks associated with in-person events. The Virtual 2021 SPEVI Conference took place from 18 - 19 January 2021. Over two full days, national and international practitioners and researchers built on the Conference theme ‘Celebrating Change’ to explore and celebrate all that had changed in the field of vision education and services as a result of lockdowns and remote teaching; sharing experiences, presenting solutions and discussing pending issues.
Go to Papers SPEVI 2021 Conference

2020 SPEVI Conference

The 2020 SPEVI Conference was held in Adelaide, South Australia from 12 – 15 January 2020. The conference theme was "Creating a Clear Vision for the Future". The quality of presentations was outstanding, from high quality national and international speakers. Go to Papers SPEVI 2020 Conference.

2017 Biennial SPEVI Conference

The 2017 Biennial SPEVI Conference, "Shining the Light on Vision Education", took place in Brisbane (Queensland, Australia) from 8th to 12th January 2017. This successful event brought together the best minds in vision education from around Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific with participation from the UK and Denmark. Go to Papers SPEVI 2017 Conference.

2015 SPEVI Biennial Conference

The 2015 SPEVI Biennial Conference was held in Melbourne, Victoria, from 12-15 January 2015. Go to Papers SPEVI 2015 Conference.

2013 SPEVI Biennial Conference

The 2013 SPEVI Biennial Conference was held in Auckland, New Zealand, from 13-18 January 2013. The Conference Theme was "Weaving the mat: Strength through Connection" - "Rarangahia te whariki: Kia tuuhono kaha ai". Go to Papers SPEVI 2013 Conference.