Honorary Life Members

Honorary Life Membership may be offered to any SPEVI member who, in the opinion of the Management Committee, has made an outstanding contribution to the field of education of persons with vision impairment.

Overview of current SPEVI Life Members (in alphabetical order):

  • Tricia d’Apice
  • Gillian Gale
  • Frances Gentle
  • Josie Howse
  • Deb Lewis
  • Sandie Mackevicius
  • Paul Pagliano
  • Carolyn Palmer
  • Roma Shilling
  • Leanne Smith
  • Sue Spooner
  • Mike Steer
  • Jane Wells

SPEVI Special Recognition Award

  • John Berryman
  • Tim Connell (Quantum Technology)
  • Bram Duvigneau, Tim ter Beest, Peter op 't Hof and Marko Molenaar (RBTS web hosting)