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SPEVI Principles and Practice

SPEVI Principles and Practice: Guidelines for quality education of learners with vision impairment

The SPEVI Principles and Practice guidelines represent SPEVI’s position on the essential components of quality education services and programs for learners with vision impairment, including children and adult learners with blindness, low vision, deafblindness, or additional disabilities. The principles reflect SPEVI’s vision and mission, and its aims as the major professional Association of educators in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Region whose specialty is in matters pertaining to education of learners with vision impairment.

The first edition published in 2004 and entitled Principles and standards for the education of children and youth with vision impairment, including those with multiple disabilities, was written by members of SPEVI’s Leaders in Vision Education Services. This second edition reflects the changing nature of education and the increasing emphasis on rights-based approaches to education for learners with disabilities.

Download the SPEVI Principles and Standards here (accessible Word document, accessible pdf file, and High Resolution pdf for printing).

SPEVI Principles and Practice, 2nd Ed, 2016 - Accessible Word file

SPEVI Principles and Practice, 2nd Ed, 2016 - accessible PDF

SPEVI Principles and Practice, 2nd Ed, 2016 - High Resolution PDF for printing