Membership Categories

SPEVI offers the following two-year membership categories:

Full Membership

Full membership entitles members to discounted registration at SPEVI’s biennial conferences, a single vote at meetings, and a copy of SPEVI’s annual journal.

    • Option 1 Full Membership
      $110 AU or NZ; Pacific Islanders $22 AU or local currency.
      This option is open to educators and other professionals who support and promote education for persons with vision impairment.
    • Option 2 Full Membership - Qualified Specialist Teacher (VI) plus Professional Learning
      $150 AU
      This category is open to specialist teachers with tertiary qualifications in education of persons with vision impairment, who complete a mandatory minimum requirement of 15 hours of professional learning in vision impairment every two years. Professional learning may include face-to-face or online lectures, workshops and courses, and engagement in accredited professional learning events. For information about mandatory professional learning requirements, please refer to the Australian Charter for the Professional Learning of Teachers and School Leaders, and the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership 2012; 2014) on the AITSL website. Applicants must provide evidence of tertiary qualifications in vision impairment, such as a copy of qualifications certificate or academic transcript.
      Upon approval by the SPEVI Board of Management, applicants will be provided with a “SPEVI Record of Professional Learning in Vision Impairment – Biannual Application for Currency” to complete and return for the previous two years of professional learning (15 hours in vision impairment). Members will then receive a “SPEVI Professional Learning Certificate”.

Associate Membership

$50 AU or NZ; Pacific Islanders $5 AU or local currency
This category is open to full time students, parents of individuals with vision impairment, school volunteers and school ancillary staff. Associate membership entitles members to discounted registration at SPEVI’s biennial conferences and a copy of SPEVI’s annual journal. Associate members are not entitled to vote at meetings.

Honorary Life Membership

Honorary life membership may be offered by the Committee of Management in recognition of a member’s outstanding contribution to the field of education of individuals with vision impairment.
For an overview of current SPEVI Life Members, please visit Current SPEVI Life Members

Download the SPEVI membership form here (accessible Word document):
2017 SPEVI Membership Application and Renewal Form_1